6.5 inch Hoverboard

Whether you call theme 6.5 inch hoverboards or self balancing scooters, this size of hoverboard is a great choice for kids with age of 7-9 years old. The small 6.5 inch wheel diameter makes it easy to carry and might be a good fit for beginners providing everything in moderation. 

Our recently new hoverboard comes with a good battery (UL 2272 Certified) and improved performance, this gives it the ability to traverse rugged terrain as well as long-lasting fun.

A variety of hoverboards exists on the market, here at wheeltoys, we strive to offer the most affordable hoverboards on the market, offering fantastic value for money and a great all round experience. And we are working vigilantly to ensure each customer revises the best quality of care. We will get to your case as soon as possible, we promise.