8.5 Bluetooth Hoverboard

Why should you choose a Bluetooth Hoverboard? This is a personal preference but it is highly requested. Having Bluetooth on your hoverboard gives you an option to listen to music while being able to listen to your surroundings to give you a safer experience while riding the hoverboard. Be prepared to be the center of attention while playing music from your hoverboard and riding it. It is very simple to set up the Bluetooth connection to your phone. Once the hoverboard is turned on, there will be a beep that indicates that the Bluetooth is ready to be paired with a device. If you are unable to sync your phone to the Bluetooth, please make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on. If it is turned on, try resetting the hoverboard or make sure it is fully charged. Since there is no volume adjustment on the hoverboard itself, you will have to adjust the volume on your phone. You may also connect your iPad to the hoverboards Bluetooth which is awesome!