How to Ensure Hoverboard Safety?

Hoverboards have been one of the most hyped toys in the recent times. The self-balancing scooters have been a favorite for kids and adults alike. However, the hoverboard went from a must have to a never have real soon when reports of it exploding started surfacing on the internet. The poor quality material and the lithium batteries used in the toy posed more danger to its riders than fun.

Therefore, here is everything you need to know about ensuring the safety of a hoverboard.

Make sure it’s UL 2272 certified

The United Laboratories created a safety standard for the hoverboards after there were numerous reports of them catching fire. The UL 2272 certification is provided to the hoverboards that pass a series of 150 tests like stress test, overcharge test, etc. This certification ensures that your hoverboard is safe and the lithium battery in it won’t catch fire.

Check the brand

There are several knockoffs of the toy available in the market at a fairly cheaper rate. However, these hoverboards are mass-produced in the China and Hong Kong with low quality materials and thus, don’t have the UL 2272 certification as well. The low quality material also may result in slipping or breaking of the board, which means it won’t last as long. Therefore, you must always check the brand before buying the hoverboard.

Don’t overcharge your hoverboard

Battery damage and leaks are some of the major causes of the hoverboard catching fire. Which is why, you must adhere to the regulations put down by the company while charging the hoverboard. You must make sure that you charge the device for the required amount and not more than that. The recent models of the hoverboards do not allow it to overcharge but care must be taken for the same.

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