What is a Hoverboard?

If you have never heard of what a hoverboard is, it is a self balancing electric personal transporter that has two motorized wheels. The wheels are connected to two pads which the individual can place his or her feet on to move around. The hoverboard is the new hands free scooter in our modern day society. Most hoverboards can maintain their balance with the help of sensors below the pads. If the individual leans in an onward motion, the hoverboard will begin to move in a forward direction. On the other hand, if the individual leans in a backward motion, the hoverboard will reverse. A majority of hoverboards go at a speed ranging from 5 to 10 mph. If you would like to turn the hoverboard, you may lean with either foot towards the direction you desire to go to. There are rechargable batteries within all hoverboards and each hoverboard includes a charger. Normally a hoverboard should be charged for an estimate of 3 to 4 hours for an approximate riding time of 45 minutes.

How to Choose a Hoverboard

Depending on the hoverboard that you decide to purchase, each hoverboard models have different features. There are a different variety of hoverboards. Some of the hoverboards include Bluetooth, and some do not. Also, some hoverboards have LED lights on each of the wheels and some does not. Some models range in different sizes, these sizes include 4.5, 6.5, and 8.5 in width. Some hoverboards are all terrain, thus meaning the hoverboard is able to go off roading, and some are only able to ride on a flat surface. There are a lot of designs for hoverboards, they vary from a beautiful Chrome color, to different prints, and solid colors.